08 September 2013

Bird eat ...bird


When birds go against their own, it is a natural way of life and although unsettling for some, keen photographers are treated to a once in a lifetime experience.

Since January this year, a young pearl-spotted owlet has been frequenting our garden and become quite used to my presence. Yesterday morning I heard a commotion at the birdbath and upon grabbing my camera and investigating, found that the pearly had pinned a lovebird to the ground by the birdbath. The hapless lovebird was still feebly flapping its wings but soon gave up the struggle. The owlet kept peering about as if deciding on the next course of action and eventually flew – with the lovebird trailing behind – onto the birdbath.

It then proceeded to fly into a tree a few meters away, perched briefly and flew up into a palm tree before its final destination – our jacaranda tree, which has served as a swift dispersal of the odd lizard, a few other morsels and a few days ago a white-backed mouse bird chick!

Wedging the lovebird into a secure position proved no easy task, and eventually – after much fluttering and hopping about with its prey – the owlet proceeded in no uncertain terms to decapitate the fated lovebird and to swallow its head – beak and all! It seized the rest of the carcass later that afternoon and thus had a very productive day, all in all.

This, incidentally, is the same pearl-spotted owlet which my Rottweiler swallowed; I will never forget the sight of two yellow feet sticking out of either side of its mouth and me galloping after dog and bird – on crutches and moonboot (I had a broken foot since an unfortunate and very clumsy fall down the stairs in January). I think my voice could be heard in the whole neighborhood as I screamed for the dog to let go and eventually managed to just about wrestle him down to the ground and prise his mouth open, to have a very wet and bedraggled owl plop to the ground – alive and unhurt! It squawked very indignantly and flew off into the nearest tree – but has amazingly not packed its bags and left for good.

I enjoy it tremendously and will be getting nest boxes soon for him and (my) hornbills.

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