07 November 2012

Superbike from Shelby

Superbike from Shelby

For the first time on this super-charged-Moto talk in February of this year, when the {tag Shelby} and Rucker Performance revealed his creation to the show in Cincinnati. Total 25 pieces will be assembled, and the order list is constantly updated, and 5 of them have been sold in advance.
Carroll Shelby, who won Le Mans in 1959, a 25-hour race, remains a legend in the world of super-cars in the United States. But this bike, which was called simply – Motorcycle Shelby – his first tvoenie which is only 2 wheels instead of 4. This bike is equipped with a v-twin’om {tag XWedge: X-Wedge} from S & S, which has a capacity of 160 horses and more than enough. But if you do not think you can in addition take a whale-set to increase power to 180 hp

The bike was designed by Rucker Performance is licensed under Shelby, and stuffed to the eyeballs with modern materials and technologies.

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